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Galvanized, we often find what was hidden into the landscapes of life. Attempting to survive time with the people who makes us believe we are worth. Those people act as our supporters each day walking with us to our own success and never thinking about what wrong might happen, hiding all the dark inside them. Then, something happens. We find the end of the rainbow.

The end has always been the most intriguing part of a story and brings out the human emotions needed to build life.

I took off and found a perfect sequestered home to dwell in. It was quiet but the noise inside me won’t offer an olive branch.

A spray of realization diluted my existence. It is not chiseled in stones that forever is infinite. It can be for months, days and decades only as per loose strings tied to the hearts, more technically to hypothalamus.

Value is a powerful piece, part of the puzzle about somebody. It is often gifted to somebody else when it should be enhancing our game.

The very last thing always reminds of what we have and what we feel apparently. Even when it stops raining, big trees still have their own rains falling down. We resemble those trees. We try to hold on as much as possible to the different channels in our mind, keep on playing them over. I still sit in that place thinking about the whole act descending from gold to copper. I guess ends are immortal and everything will turn out fine if you decide to fall even forwards and not backwards.

Some events are special because they help you with your self efficacy and to categorize what was uncategorized earlier. They help you dilute your life which was concentrated by unnecessary elements. People are revolving around you in an elliptical orbit so they are around sometimes and then move away.

In the end, the end doesn’t matter but its result and it is hard to synchronize your heart beat with your gut feeling.

 A Single Storm Can Silent Your Babbling Mind.