It seems that some people aren’t yet over the type of relations animals have. We humans, cheat, lie, kill, break, burn and end things. We are hard on each other. There are more negative words in our dictionary than positive ones. We have lost the power to thank or resent.
Little as we are in this ball of mystery where we talk how big our brains are, even space feels simpler. It amazes us because it is ideal. It’s huge heart don’t hold any resentments, regrets or remorse. Its serenity dazzles us.
I feel I’m stuck on Earth. I feel that there is no room left for humanity to fill in. I don’t know what we all are fighting. I don’t know why are we hard on each other. I don’t know what kind of race is human. I just know that nobody is going to win and when the race is over, hope for a pristine sacred world floating above shall finally fall in place.

“The more you look up to the sky, the more you find yourself back on Earth confronting certain possibilities” ~ https://youtu.be/B1SkepihYLE