Dearest love,
It’s unerringly said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I, therefore, aver that my heart can no longer find the power to become fonder anymore; obviously in a crestfallen sense. Thus, I shall not be iniquitous to my heart and beseech you to discover me again.
You probably wouldn’t know how I am living without you in this fuliginous world. Just wishing to find myself in your eyes again ’cause I get lost into a new illusion of gloom each day. Reminiscing all the beautiful times I spent with you which only reside in my memory castle.
I always needed you to palpate me. I feel like a lost piece of your puzzle waiting to be found. Hoping you would pluck me from the tree of loneliness one day. I can’t stop the feeling of being crystallized everytime I see you walk away. You are the best way to get the best way for life. I wouldn’t require anyone more. I plead to come back and save from drowning on the dry land.
Yours truly