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The shady guards saving the hallway for me stood like stones in the front of the golden door. I, beseeming the status of an Empress, enter the picture. Vivacious in my own style, wearing diamonds and spilling rubies. My dress enjoying its own prestige. It lingered on me like the sun reluctant to leave Earth’s sky. The very work on my gown was just bewitching art, resembling the meticulous modus operandi of topiary. Tinted shade of alice blue disguised me as a crystal. My unequivocal headdress spoke about the elegance and the purple family I belonged to. I was deeply flattered by myself.
As I languid towards the door, the guards bowed before opening it. I was not hesitant but as the door revealed my hallway of life, I dawdled by the gates, dazzled by its sumptuous display. Stepping forwards perfumed my mind with the flashback of my life. Though my life was not a bed of roses but its meaning was sweet like a fruit. A long aisle of pictures and moments of me were connected in a tandem.
The first frame showcased my birth place in the map of the world. India was highlighted. Next picture was of my childhood when I was obsessed with temporary tattoos and I used to wear them all the time on my upper arms. I was happy to see the little version of me. So I moved over to reminisce a little more. It was the picture of the first time when I became forlorn with no friends. I had a really hard time getting through it as the first cut is always the deepest. That picture did took away a modicum of my gaiety but I moved on. The very third picture was plucked from my life when I was really contented to find a friend. She was really wonderful and like a star. (She cared a lot about me until new people absorbed her. It was a long time after when I analyzed the beautiful reasons behind not having friends. I decided to keep myself under the impression that God has his own way of taking care of me. I am an Empress and Empresses don’t have friends. They built their empires not friendship towers.)
The following framed photo was of the time when I had grown up into a beautiful lady. In a girl’s lifetime this is the only phase when she feels all the glitters turning into gold. She loves the smell of the air at the top of the world. Succeeding into the aisle, I felt joyous to find a picture telling a thousand words. It was captured when I had accomplished my dream. Adjacent to that were some collection of my struggle to finally achieve it. Immense fervour filled my heart. Ascending couple of pictures were just quotidian. I was really charmed up. I admired the aisle.
The last picture melted my heart. It befitted the apothegm ‘Icing on the cake’. The picture stored the message of my life. It said:

The close propinquity of the angel and devil didn’t scare her. She just wanted to do good for everyone. Even if the solar eclipse darkened her world, she forebeared but worked harder. She believed in possessing high self-respect and class. (Class, because then people don’t have the audacity to say anything to your face) Message of her life was that everyone is alone on Earth. We take help from some people to embellish our life but that surely doesn’t mean to crown them. We all are marvelous and we should always keep a lion’s share of our lives with us. Our idiosyncrasies make us quintessential. Never smother them.

Relishing each moment, I walked out to a palacial balcony where the clouds floated under my feet. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it felt like heaven.

( Ideally, I know I should have written this on my dead bed but I just couldn’t resist it so.. I hope it’s okay) Happy a great day.