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He stood enthralled by her shimmering eyes,

Sweet love showering over them from the sky.

His soul mate was finally found,

Their hearts rejoiced by the sea shore’s love sound.

He kissed her full on her lovable lips,

She blushed and wrapped herself with his fingertips.

The quest for each other’s hearts was over,

Their love, now, won’t have to rover.

Tears from the heaven started to fall,

She stood up on her toes to kiss him as he was quite tall.

Tears felt like blessings from the god,

Their profound childhood love struggled for years, O Lord.

He took her under one of the palms,

She admired caressing and cuddling in his arms.

He knelt and took her hands,

And asked ‘Would you like to dance?’.

Her beautiful smile said it all,

They swayed like a prince and a princess in a ball.

In the blink of an eye,

They saw seven idyllic colors flushed into the sky.

The moment felt so picture perfect and love enhanced,

Like the nature was amused and appreciating their romance.

Till they could see the morning star,

They laid hugging each other for hours.

He stood to walk towards the shore and started to fumble with the sand,

She peeped from behind and saw some words engraved in the land.

He moved aside to give her a better look,

Her name shined and so did their love story in the love book.


Ishita Nagpal