Teenager years, we pretend to be the mirror of who we expect we are but indeed we are finding ourselves in the world of lost souls. We expect too much and try to get what we crave for, the most celebrated cliques in our lives. And, everything no matter what, comes back to love and trust. Be it the stay-together infinities from our friends and lovers or happiness of our parents. We want all the world beneath our feet. And when things don’t go our way, we expect for that one message or sign from anyone even strangers telling you that you’re the purpose of your life. You need to find yourself out from that world of lost souls and starting pampering yourself for, a time will come when everyone will leave you and you will be alone in the corner of your house crying and begging for some empathy. That time, you must remember that whatever happens you need to be your Earth and Moon. Therefore, shed your tears in the ocean. Soak them in the sun and wait wait for another wave to come.